Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friendsgiving Day


Alright folks, I am doing something radically different this year for Thanksgiving and I have to be honest…I could not be more excited about it. I’m ditching the stress of the large family gathering and going a healthier, more intimate route by organizing my own take on the perfect holiday; Friendsgiving Day. I know there are folks out there that have done this in the past, but this really is the first year I am taking the leap and owning how I want to spend this day of gratitude. 

On the agenda for the day? An AMAZING dinner menu at BLT Steak at the Ritz Carlton in Charlotte (see photo above for the array of deliciousness). At the table? My best buddy from Austin and a few other friends that will be joining in on the fine dining, locally sourced organic foods and NO dishes when it’s all over. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. But what I don’t love is the unhealthy food traditions, arguments over why the turkey is taking so long and who forgot to bring the whipped cream and a whole host of other stressful moments that take place even when you have the most normal of families. 

This holiday diversion really represents what I have been striving for all year with my Project Revive mission. A new take on things, a healthier outlook and taking a few moments to pamper myself in a way that’s meaningful to me. I will own that I felt guilty about this decision for a few days, only natural given my people-pleaser mentality. However, once I gave myself permission to break with tradition and do what’s best for me, all that guilt just faded away. I’m looking forward to a top 10 meal and amazing company on Friendsgiving Day. Can’t wait to share updates from this new adventure!

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  1. It can be very hard to break from tradition, or if you prefer, to start a new tradition. But your family still was able to have it their way, you just weren't there. And do you think that maybe some of them were jealous of your daring? Not that you need anyone's permission but your own, but remember they always tell you on the plane to put on your own mask before helping others.
    I hope it was delicious and just what you wanted!