Monday, July 1, 2013

3 Season Sassy Snaps

It's been 3 seasons of transition for PR and dressing for success while you're shedding pounds is not the easiest. Having said that, it's actually been FUN! I've worked hard to find bargains, shop outlets and get pieces that can either be tailored or adapt well to alterations-with-accesories. The one thing I have made a point not to skimp on is hair and make-up. Every 4 weeks I visit my hair dresser for fresh color and a trim and for every 10 lbs I lose I treat myself to a new lip gloss or other make-up goody. These things are one size fits all and provide a great boost to the spirit. I am really looking forward to an epic wardrobe makeover when I reach goal - looks like December is going to be my month. Happy Holidays for me!