Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shoe In

Post Holiday Online Shopping is, LITERALLY, one of my favorite activities. The sales, the hunting, the's all magical in my book. Over the last several months, and certainly post weight loss, my style has really evolved. Think Kate Spade-meets-BR-meets-MK-meets...well you get the idea. I snagged the items above for a steel and decided to opt in for some regular price shoes from a fab site belong to one of my favorite blogs Kendi Everyday. Already combining the outfits in my head for these basic pieces. Good schtuff.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Inspiration; PR Style

I often find inspiration in travel, in food and in adventure. I was lucky enough to travel the globe several times as a child and young adult and I have really begun to stroll down those memory lanes for some visual and spiritual jump starts. I thought it would be fun to start each week with a new focal point...this week it's Lugano, Switzerland.

My home away from home, I spent several years in boarding school at TASIS Lugano, and to this day still long for the view, the food and the people. Interestingly, this part of the country speaks Italian given its close borders to the Boot and that leads to my first yearly goal; learning Italian! I treated myself to a Rosetta Stone language course for Christmas and am loving the first lessons and all the memories they bring with them.

So here's to an Italian inspired week PR Style. Arrivederci!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Failure is not in the falling down, but the staying down...

The 2014 Holidays

Well folks, it's been one hell of a few months and a whirlwind holiday season. I've experienced some of the greatest joys and some of the most stressful events in my life this past year and I gotta be honest, I wouldn't trade them in. From a new job, fabulous friends, new family and rapidly aging parents, it's been a roller coaster ride.

Full disclosure...over the past few months I have let the stress get to me and, as a result, I meandered off the road to revival (to the tune of weight gain and happiness loss).  Alas, I learned a thing or two on my detour. Mostly that failure is part of life, part of living well. Just when you think you're invincible and no man, no cheeseburger can take you down, you get knocked on your ass. You let the needs of others overshadow the needs of self and in the process, you lose sight of your goals. The beauty, is that at at time, at any moment of your choosing, you can hit the road again. And that's what PR is doing.

I'm looking forward to the second leg of my journey even more than the first. A little humility goes a long way toward sweetening success, and I can't wait to see what the coming months bring.