Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Forward

It seems appropriate that I start blogging again on the first day of Spring! Once again it's been a while since I shared thoughts here on PR but believe me when I say there has been a LOT going on. Equal parts family, school and work, my focus managed to shift from taking care of myself to taking care of everyone else. The good news? I am still healthy and on my way to reaching my ultimate goal. I've shed an enormous amount of weight (despite a small gain last week) and am re-invigorated and re-inspired to continue the journey.

With less than a month of school left (I've been attending UMASS Amherst focusing on a BA in Public Relations) I cannot wait for more daylight in my schedule to spend on...well just about everything I've had zero time for the last 20 months! On the agenda? Farm market, day trips, yoga, thrifting for vintage clothes and diving into learning French.

Thanks to everyone here and beyond for your support, I'm excited to take things on PR to the next level in 2014.